Thermal Spray Powder Cross Reference

Posted: 27th March 2013 by admin in thermal spray powder

thermal spray powder for hvofIf you haven’t heard, Polymet is now offering thermal spray powder. We are focusing onĀ agglomerated and sinteredĀ tungsten carbides for HVOF systems, such as TAFA Praxair’s JP-5000 and Sulzer Metco’s Diamond Jet.

Many operators and purchasers get comfortable with the powder that they use for HVOF and it can be difficult to spot product equivalents. So, we have put together this Thermal Spray Powder Cross Reference Guide for our tungsten carbides. Polymet has been receiving excellent feedback on these powders, notably the flowability and deposit efficiency. Our pricing is also very competitive – and that’s always well received!

Take a look at the cross reference guide below. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or check out our thermal spray powder page.

Polymet Item Description TAFA Metco Starck Stellite
PMET 88-12 WC-12Co 1342VM 5812 Amperit 518 JK112P, JK112H
PMET 86-10-4 WC-10Co-4Cr 1350VM 5847 Amperit 558 JK120P, JK120H
PMET 83-17 WC-17Co 1343VM 5143 Amperit 526 JK117
PMET 90-10 WC-10Ni 1310VM 3302, 3303 n/a JK6189