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Both wire arc spray and wire flame spray processes are widely used for a variety of applications in the thermal spray coating industry.  Typical applications include dimensional restoration, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and many others. With the twin wire arc spray process, two isolated wires are brought to an intersection point where voltage […]

Polymet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high performance hardfacing wire, welding wire and thermal spray wire located in Cincinnati, will exhibit at FABTECH Canada in Toronto, on March 20-22, 2012. FABTECH Canada is the only exclusive fabricating, welding and metal forming event in Canada showcasing new developments in materials and equipment.  Polymet will join hundreds […]

Polymet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of hardfacing wire, welding and thermal spray wire, will be traveling to Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia in early March 2012 to support its aerospace, valve and thermal spray wire business in these markets. Collaborating together with local distributors and representatives enables the company to expand its global reach and promote […]

Arc sprayed amorphous alloys have gained widespread use for wear resistance in a variety of applications.  An amorphous alloy has a “glasslike” structure, rather than crystalline.  They are very hard (50-70 HRC) and have an extremely low coefficient of friction.  As a result, they are very effective for sliding and abrasive wear. Polymet manufactures a […]

Polymet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of wire for hardfacing, welding and thermal spraying, will be exhibiting at the International Thermal Spray Conference & Exhibition in Hamburg (ITSC), in Germany on September 27-29, 2011. The ITSC is the premier thermal spray event, showcasing new developments in equipment, materials and thermal spray technology.  Polymet will exhibit it’s […]