Polymet Corporation is a powerhouse of innovation. Since its inception, the company has been dedicated to growing an organization whose foundations are built upon groundbreaking, innovative developments. Since then they have, time and time again, proven that they are well deserving of the reputation they have earned. Pioneers. Polymet’s technical expertise and unique development capabilities have led to a unique product position in the markets they serve; markets such as aerospace, oil and gas, valves, & power generation.

It is with pride that they share that Polymet has won Cincinnati’s Business Courier‘s prestigious Innovation and Technology Award. Specifically, Polymet was recognized for Outstanding Advanced Engineering.

“It is especially meaningful to receive this award this year. We’ve dedicated a lot of time, effort, and resources into advanced research and developments the past few years and it has really paid off”. States Polymet president Bill Mosier.  “It is exciting and encouraging for the team to see that their efforts are being recognized on a larger scale”.

Innovation Award 2015 Outstanding Engineering

Innovation & Technology Award Recognizing Polymet for outstanding advanced engineering.

Bill - Innovation Award Winners - 2015

Innovation & Technology Award winners

Happy Earth Day!

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Happy Earth DAy

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Polymet will be exhibiting at the International Thermal Spray Conference (ITSC) this May in Long Beach. We are very excited to showcase our new products. Over the past few years Polymet has made significant investments in unique innovations. These new products are going to make huge waves in the future of hardfacing. They come from our Vecalloy Product line. Our Vecalloy Products are all unique patented alloys that have been meticulously engineered to create solutions to real problems that the industry faces. They are game-changers.

Be sure to check out presentation –

Title: Eliminating Hexavalent Cr Emissions in Thermal Spray Alloys

Authors: Justin Cheney, Scoperta Darren Gansert, HAI

Wednesday, May 13 at 4:30 p.m.


doug watkins the thirdCongratulations to Doug Watkins III for winning the Polymet Outstanding Performer Award for February 2015. Doug was nominated two times for the month of February for outstanding and consistent performance. Doug continuously goes the extra mile. Doug’s fine work was noticed by our customers and it was noted that they were going to be using his work as an example to train others. Doug also went above and beyond the call of duty to get a very important sample to a customer on very short notice. This will result in new business for the company. Great job Doug!

kenny reid

Congratulations to Kenny Reid for winning the POP Award for January 2015! Kenny was nominated for this award for going the extra mile for the Polymet team and for exhibiting a high level of commitment to service and manufacturing. Kenny is cross trained in different areas of the shop, and is dedicated to helping out wherever he can. He is an excellent example of how to go the extra mile an show commitment toward reaching our Company Goals. Thank you Kenny for your dedication to the company!

Gas Turbine product line pictureSince Welding is a critical enabling technology that accounts for 59% of the total value of production by all manufacturing, construction, and mining industries, the art and craft of welding is constantly changing and evolving. Even as the industry evolves, though, there is one thing that never changes: the need for basic safety awareness when working with welding wire.

Safety Guidelines

The first step as a welder should take when performing any type of welding job is to review the Material Safety Data Sheet that should always be provided by the employer. The MSDS provides crucial information regarding hazard identification. The welder should then conduct a thorough inventory of all hazardous materials associated with the job in order to understand any and all potential hazards.

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has a full spectrum of welding safety standards available on its website to protect the health and safety of the welder. These standards have been designed to cover everything from generally applicable guidelines to requirements which are unique to a single piece of welding equipment, but here are a few of the most basic safety tips to keep in mind, especially as welding becomes increasingly diverse and advanced:

  • Always use the right wire: There is a wide variety of industrial wiring for welding that is made from nickel and cobalt-based alloys. These products are used extensively in the valve, lumber, hardfacing, and mining industries, and are specifically designed to yield high quality results. For maximum safety, make sure you thoroughly understand the wire’s properties, applications, and heating parameters.
  • Wear the Proper Eye Protection: According to Weldingschool.com, consistently observing safety standards designed to protect welders from respiratory difficulties, burns, and accidental explosions will greatly reduce the chance of severe injuries, especially to the eyes. Welding can result in sparks, infrared radiation, and ultraviolet radiation, which can cause damage to the welder’s eyes. Failure to wear proper eye protection can lead to retinal burning, cataracts, and “welder’s flash” or “arc eye.”
  • Use Protective Clothing: Depending on the type of welding being performed, it may be necessary to cover all exposed skin. Welders should make sure that clothing includes heavy-duty gloves, a welding apron, and leather shoes. Do not wear clothing with cuffs or folds, as a spark may smolder in there unnoticed.
  • Learn to Control Hazardous Fumes and Gases: OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has issued many safety guidelines for dealing with hazardous welding fumes and gases, depending on the type of welding being performed. At a very minimum, OSHA recommends cleaning welding surfaces of any coating, such as paint or solvent residue that could create a potentially toxic exposure. Welders should also position themselves in such a way as to avoid inhaling any type of welding fumes or gases. The wire manufacturer can also provide input on ventilation requirements.
  • Practice Fire Awareness: Before beginning any welding task, always check the work environment to look for any fire hazards. Make sure your work area is clear of debris and flammable materials. Keep supplies for extinguishing fires, suitable for the welding job, close at hand.
  • Watch for Electrocution Hazards: Be aware of your environment and always look for any potential electrocution hazards. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers includes several recommendations regarding standing water, water pipes, and sprinkler systems in its safety checklist.

Any welder or welder-in-training needs to be acquanted with all on-the-job safety practices. Look to a vocational school, an employer and OSHA to keep these tips fresh in mind as you pursue or continue a rewarding welding career.

InnovationPolymet is and has always been recognized as a leader in innovation within the industries their wires are used. There are no plans to let this position of leadership slip. Polymet is excited to step into 2015 with some big plans to support innovation and excellence.

For starters Polymet has made some big upgrades and developments in their R&D department. Both staff and technical capabilities have grown considerably this past year. “We’ve are excited to be growing our R&D efforts here at Polymet, we’ve always been dedicated to innovation and it is one of our biggest focus areas for 2015” Says President Bill Mosier. “We are lucky to have a team of very bright engineers who are passionate about their work and dedicated to our mission.”

In the past year Polymet brought several new, game-changing alloys to market. An example being Vecalloy Readable, from their Vecalloy Product Line (all one of a kind alloys meticulously engineered to combat the most extreme wear in their respective applications). Vecalloy Readable is the only Fe-based twin wire arc spray which is readable as-sprayed and after exposure to high temperatures. Polymet is confident and excited to bring the same kinds of developments to market this year.

Polymet’s Solution for the Valve Industry

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valve banner shot

Polymet’s industrial line of hardfacing and welding wire is utilized heavily in the valve industry. Hardfacing material is applied to the contact surfaces and moving areas of the valve to provide wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Our wire is used to hardface valves in the markets such as nuclear power, oil & gas, chemical, mining, and refining.

Valve components are hardfaced with Polymet’s POLYSTEL wire. The cobalt-based material is hot extruded to produce rod and small diamteter wire. The rod is used for Tungsten Inert Gas welding operations while the small diameter wire is typically spooled, suitable for automated and robotic welding. Automation has significant consumable advantages over traditional methods, allowing reduced downtime due to switching out material, diminished excess labor, and minimized waste of the valuable cobalt-based material. The rod POLYSTEL material may also be coated and is then used for Shielded Metal Arc Welding processes.

Polymet’s POLYSTEL wire is primarily applied as an overlay for carbon steel, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys. For example, valve seats and plugs can be hardfaced with POLYSTEL 6, a cobalt-based material with  nominal composition of Co (Bal), Cr (27), Cr (4), and C (1) that will produce wear and corrosion resistant coating extending the life of the application. Many valves that involve high pressure, high temperature steam require alloys such as POLYSTEL to withstand their harsh operating environment.

Typical Valve Applications

Typical valve applications include:

  • Gates
  • Plugs
  • Seats
  • Stems

There are various types of valves that consist of multiple components that can require hardfacing. The most common are ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, and diaphragm valves. The POLYSTEL products demonstrate the necessary hardness characteristics and wear resistance properties to be used in valve applications. Resistance to high temperatures is also a critical property of these hardfacing alloys.

Product Forms

Polymet’s rapidly growing POLYSTEL product line supplies most of the hardfacing demands of the valve industry. POLYSTEL products are ideal for adhesive wear, contact fatigue, and erosion. Their strength and ability to withstand these wear factors make POLYSTEL one of the most exceptional hardfacing consumables on the market. They are available in continuous cast rod, extruded rod (0.9mm and up), and extruded spooled wire (0.9-2.0mm).


Polymet is very excited to announce that Wes Price has joined the Polymet team as Welding and Hardfacing Sales Manager to support Polymet’s success as a world-class manufacturer of high performance wire for hardfacing, welding, and thermal spraying applications.

“I am very excited to join Polymet and work for a company that is well-known for its leadership within the industry, quality, highly praised customer service and innovation.  The opportunity to grow our hardfacing and welding wire business throughout the world is tremendous and I look forward to the challenge.  My past international business experience in the specialty alloys industry has prepared me well for the responsibility that lies ahead.  I look forward to working with the team to further develop our sales and already exceptional reputation.”

Bob Unger, Polymet’s Sales Manager remarks “We here at Polymet are extremely excited to have Wes join the team. Polymet is known for its outstanding customer service and product quality – we are confident that Wes’ addition will ensure that we maintain our reputation as a leader in the industry. His past experiences and dedication make him a valuable asset that we are happy to have on board”.

Polymet’s Outstanding Performer for September 2014

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david shockley


The Polymet team would like to congratulate David Shockley for receiving the September POP award. David has been working at Polymet for the past two years as an operator in our Rolled, Drawn and Abraded department. David is known for being very meticulous and consistently demonstrating a strong commitment to quality. David continues to be an exemplary employee and adds a tremendous amount of value to the company. Thank you David!