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Polymet’s POLYSTEL product line consists of Stellite equivalent composition materials. We manufacture alloy products equivalent to Stellite 1Stellite 6Stellite 12, Stellite 21,Stellite 190.


cobalt hardfacing rod, stellite rod, stellite 6 rodOur cobalt-based hardfacing rod is available both bare and coated. These Stellite equivalent alloys are used in the most demanding industrial applications in the world. They can be purchased in diameters such as .125, .156, and .197 inches with standard 1 meter lengths.


Cored MIG Wire

stellite mig wire, stellite cored wirePOLYSTEL is also available in cored MIG wire form. Using our cored wire mill and powder feeding process, we manufacture Stellite equivalent alloys suitable for MIG welding operations. These products yield high quality deposits with minimum dilution.


Solid Wire

small diameter stellite, stellite wireOur small diameter, solid wire POLYSTEL products are manufactured utilizing our proprietary hot extrusion process. Diameters range from .012 to .093 inches. Because of our hot extrusion process, we are able to spool these small diameter, brittle alloys, suitable for automatic TIG welding operations. We can also straighten and cut these alloys to predetermined lengths for manual welding.