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Since Welding is a critical enabling technology that accounts for 59% of the total value of production by all manufacturing, construction, and mining industries, the art and craft of welding is constantly changing and evolving. Even as the industry evolves, though, there is one thing that never changes: the need for basic safety awareness when […]

Polymet is and has always been recognized as a leader in innovation within the industries their wires are used. There are no plans to let this position of leadership slip. Polymet is excited to step into 2015 with some big plans to support innovation and excellence. For starters Polymet has made some big upgrades and developments […]

Polymet’s hardfacing wires for the lumber industry have been engineered with one purpose in mind: efficiency. Polymet’s 100% dense, solid POLYSTEL product line utilizes the proprietary hot extrusion process to produce continuous spools of wire suitable for automated gas tungsten arc welding and plasma welding processes. This spooled POLYSTEL wire enables the customer to set […]

Polymet’s industrial line of hardfacing and welding wire is utilized heavily in the valve industry. Hardfacing material is applied to the contact surfaces and moving areas of the valve to provide wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Our wire is used to hardface valves in markets such as nuclear power, oil & gas, chemical, mining, and […]

Polymet was founded in 1967 as a small consulting firm servicing the aerospace industry and quickly grew into a pioneer of the gas turbine hardfacing and welding world. Through a proprietary hot extrusion process, we are able to manufacture very hard alloys with little ductility in small diameter wire form.  Applications in the aerospace industry […]

Polymet Corporation, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of hardfacing, welding, and thermal spray wire, has announced its finalization on streamlining their rapidly growing product line of Industrial Hardfacing & Welding Wire.  This product line targets markets such as the lumber, valve, petrochemical, and mining industries. To better serve their customers’ needs and requirements with a more focalized […]

Polymet Corporation, an Ohio-based wire manufacturer, will be exhibiting at the Farnborough International Airshow 2012 in Farnborough, England July 9 – 15.  This is the largest, truly global event of its kind, boasting a platform of 1,400 exhibitors from the aerospace, defense, space, and security sectors.  The show is designed to enable unparalleled opportunities to […]

Polymet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high performance hardfacing wire, welding wire and thermal spray wire located in Cincinnati, will exhibit at the World Of Industry Fair in Istanbul, Turkey on February 2-5, 2012. WIN Fair Part 1 is the leading trade show of the manufacturing industry in the whole Eurasian region covering Turkey, the […]