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Polymet is excited to showcase its new Vecalloy Product Line at ITSC 2015 in Long Beach. Vecalloy products are all unique patented alloys meticulously engineered to solve your toughest hardfacing problems.

Since Welding is a critical enabling technology that accounts for 59% of the total value of production by all manufacturing, construction, and mining industries, the art and craft of welding is constantly changing and evolving. Even as the industry evolves, though, there is one thing that never changes: the need for basic safety awareness when […]

Polymet is and has always been recognized as a leader in innovation within the industries their wires are used. There are no plans to let this position of leadership slip. Polymet is excited to step into 2015 with some big plans to support innovation and excellence. For starters Polymet has made some big upgrades and developments […]

Polymet Corporation, a wire manufacturer for hardfacing, welding, and thermal spraying, announced that it will increase its capacity for their cored wire process.  The company plans on upgrading current machinery as well as purchasing an additional mill to drive production. Cored wire, also known as flux cored wire and metal cored wire, has become a […]

Polymet Corporation, a well-known industry leader of hardfacing, welding, and thermal spray wire, introduced thermal spray powder to its successful line of products.  Polymet is eager to extend its presence in the thermal spray industry by offering High Velocity Oxy-Fuel thermal spray powder.  These HVOF materials will offer high density, low porosity, and high bond […]

Polymet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high performance hardfacing wire, welding wire, and thermal spray wire located in Cincinnati, will exhibit at the 15th international welding exhibition «Svarka-Welding 2012» in St. Petersburg, Russia on May 15-18. Svarka-Welding Exhibition is one of the biggest events in Russia dedicated to showcasing a full spectrum of metal forming, […]

At Polymet Corporation, we are committed to delivering the highest quality product to our customers.  Relying on our professional expertise, we also believe in providing knowledgeable and helpful industry-related information.  As a manufacturer of high-performance hardfacing wire, welding wire, and thermal spray wire, we understand that deposition is critical during surface enhancement. Wear resistance, corrosion […]

The Cleveland Chapter of ASM International will be offering a symposium on Thermal Spray Technologies on Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012.  The event will be held at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in Brook Park, Ohio from 8:00am – 5:00pm.  This one-day technical conference will feature speakers concentrating on industry related issues and topics. Polymet will be […]

Arc sprayed amorphous alloys have gained widespread use for wear resistance in a variety of applications.  An amorphous alloy has a “glasslike” structure, rather than crystalline.  They are very hard (50-70 HRC) and have an extremely low coefficient of friction.  As a result, they are very effective for sliding and abrasive wear. Polymet manufactures a […]