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Polymet is excited to showcase its new Vecalloy Product Line at ITSC 2015 in Long Beach. Vecalloy products are all unique patented alloys meticulously engineered to solve your toughest hardfacing problems.

Since Welding is a critical enabling technology that accounts for 59% of the total value of production by all manufacturing, construction, and mining industries, the art and craft of welding is constantly changing and evolving. Even as the industry evolves, though, there is one thing that never changes: the need for basic safety awareness when […]

Polymet is and has always been recognized as a leader in innovation within the industries their wires are used. There are no plans to let this position of leadership slip. Polymet is excited to step into 2015 with some big plans to support innovation and excellence. For starters Polymet has made some big upgrades and developments […]

Polymet Corporation, a global leader and manufacturer of wire for hardfacing, welding and thermal spraying, installed a state-of-the-art tagging and testing machine.  This proprietary machine will play a critical role in Polymet’s quality assurance and will allow for increased speeds for wire tagging. The “Libby II,” as it is called, replaced the previous Libby machine.  […]

Polymet Corporation, an industry leader in wire manufacturing for hardfacing, welding, and thermal spraying, will exhibit at the FABTECH trade show in Las Vegas, November 12-14, 2012.  FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, and welding event, showcasing new developments in materials and equipment.  The show is expected to have over 25,000 attendees and […]

Hard Coatings with Hard Bob

Posted: 20th September 2012 by admin in arc spray wire, Cored Welding Wire, Cored Wire

Once a month Polymet’s “Hard Bob” will publish 5 helpful tips for thermal spraying in “Hard Coatings with Hard Bob.” This is an opportunity for customers and operators to gain valuable insight and recommendations from a true industry expert, Bob Unger. Bob is the Sales Manager at Polymet and has been working in the thermal […]

Polymet Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high performance hardfacing wire, welding wire and thermal spray wire, is pleased to announce that it has successfully completed ISO Certification audits.  This has resulted in an upgrading of Polymet’s quality management system to the new internationally recognized benchmark of ISO 9001:2008 with AS 9100:2009 Revision C. The ISO […]

A look at the characteristics and advantages that can result in overall cost savings.  Quick highlights – Metal Cored Wire: High deposition efficiency High deposition rates Increased duty cycles In today’s industrial world, metal fabricators have an array of choices to select from when deciding which welding process and consumable to use for a specific […]