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          Polymet’s POLYSTEL product line consists of Stellite equivalent composition materials. We manufacture alloy products equivalent to Stellite 1, Stellite 6, Stellite 12, Stellite 21, & Stellite 190. Rod Our cobalt-based hardfacing rod is available both bare and coated. These Stellite equivalent alloys are used in the most demanding industrial applications in the world. They can be […]

          Though not exhibiting this year, Polymet is very excited to be ramping up for the Valve World Americas Expo in Houston next week. “We are very excited to be able to meet with some of our existing customers and meet potential new customers” – Bob Unger, Polymet Sales Manager. Polymet specializes […]

Be sure to check out our Vecalloy B thermal spray wire. Vecalloy B is the hardest, most abrasion and corrosion resistant coating available on the market today. Vecalloy B has been specifically designed to perform in aggressive environments possessing abrasive wear and erosive wear at ambient and high temperatures. It is the cleanest, most applicator friendly […]

Check out this ultra informative infographic from The Welding School explaining the different welding career paths available!  

Your Source for Specialty Wire

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Let Polymet handle your wire processing needs. Our unique in house capabilities paired with our industry leading research and development team make Polymet the best choice for your unique projects and specialty wire. In addition to manufacturing, Polymet offers, straightening, cutting, spooling, coiling, cleaning, tagging, and proprietary abrading services. These services can be provided independently […]