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For industrial boiler tubes, erosion and corrosion are inevitable.  However, thermal spray coatings, particularly wire arc spray, have proven very effective at extending the service life of boiler tubes by preventing these wear factors.  Spraying a protective coating is a proven cost-effective solution that will extend the boiler lifecycle and decrease boiler downtime. Coal fired […]

Polymet Corporation, an industry leader in wire manufacturing for hardfacing, welding, and thermal spraying, will exhibit at the FABTECH trade show in Las Vegas, November 12-14, 2012.  FABTECH is North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, and welding event, showcasing new developments in materials and equipment.  The show is expected to have over 25,000 attendees and […]

Hard Coatings with Hard Bob

Posted: 20th September 2012 by admin in arc spray wire, Cored Welding Wire, Cored Wire

Once a month Polymet’s “Hard Bob” will publish 5 helpful tips for thermal spraying in “Hard Coatings with Hard Bob.” This is an opportunity for customers and operators to gain valuable insight and recommendations from a true industry expert, Bob Unger. Bob is the Sales Manager at Polymet and has been working in the thermal […]

Polymet’s hardfacing wires for the lumber industry have been engineered with one purpose in mind: efficiency. Polymet’s 100% dense, solid POLYSTEL product line utilizes the proprietary hot extrusion process to produce continuous spools of wire suitable for automated gas tungsten arc welding and plasma welding processes. This spooled POLYSTEL wire enables the customer to set […]

Polymet begins work on several capital projects aimed at expanding its capacity to roll and draw specialty wire and adding jobs Polymet Corporation, a leading producer of hardfacing wire, welding wire and thermal spray wire, has approved plans and began work to significantly increase its specialty wire rolling and drawing capacity.  Currently Polymet uses very […]

Polymet’s industrial line of hardfacing and welding wire is utilized heavily in the valve industry. Hardfacing material is applied to the contact surfaces and moving areas of the valve to provide wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Our wire is used to hardface valves in markets such as nuclear power, oil & gas, chemical, mining, and […]