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Polymet was founded in 1967 as a small consulting firm servicing the aerospace industry and quickly grew into a pioneer of the gas turbine hardfacing and welding world. Through a proprietary hot extrusion process, we are able to manufacture very hard alloys with little ductility in small diameter wire form.  Applications in the aerospace industry […]

The cast and helix are two physical properties that are extremely important when evaluating wire for MIG welding and thermal spraying.  These two properties affect the wire’s feedability, as well as weld accuracy, arc wander, consumable life, and contact current pickup. Polymet prides itself on delivering wire that has excellent cast and helix that always […]

Hardfacing is a welding process of build-up deposits of alloys to resist corrosion, abrasion, high temperature, or impact.  Hardfacing increases a part’s service life and can thus directly affect machinery efficiency and reduce the amount of equipment that is scrapped.  When addressing wear resistance needs, high-deposit hardness material does not always provide the best overall […]

Last month we had the pleasure of attending the Farnborough International Air Show in Hampshire, England.  It is the world’s most iconic aviation event and one of the most important exhibition in the aerospace industry.  We were very happy that we had a chance to be there. For those who are not familiar with Farnborough […]

Polymet Corporation, a well-known industry leader of hardfacing, welding, and thermal spray wire, introduced thermal spray powder to its successful line of products.  Polymet is eager to extend its presence in the thermal spray industry by offering High Velocity Oxy-Fuel thermal spray powder.  These HVOF materials will offer high density, low porosity, and high bond […]

Polymet Corporation, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of hardfacing, welding, and thermal spray wire, has announced its finalization on streamlining their rapidly growing product line of Industrial Hardfacing & Welding Wire.  This product line targets markets such as the lumber, valve, petrochemical, and mining industries. To better serve their customers’ needs and requirements with a more focalized […]