Arc sprayed amorphous alloys have risen in popularity for a variety of applications. An amorphous alloy has a “glasslike” structure rather than crystalline. They are vethermal spray1ry hard (50-70 HRC) and have an extremely low coefficient of friction. As a result, they are very effective for sliding and abrasive wear.

Polymet manufactures a number of amorphous materials for our arc spray wire product line. The wires are cored wires, often called flux cored wires. They utilize a special powder formulation placed inside of a metal sheath. These are generally FeCrBSi based alloys such as Vecalloy B, PMET 273PMET 270 and 296. They all offer excellent wear and corrosion resistance, when arc sprayed. Read the rest of this entry »

Polymet is excited to introduce Vecalloy 752 to it’s product line.

This game-changing alloy has been specifically designed to perform in aggressive environments where impact, abrasive wear, and erosive wear are factors. Vecalloy 752 is an iron-based alloy which grows extremely hard, near spherical, tungsten boride particles throughout the entire weld bead thickness. Grader Blades Vecalloy 700

Vecalloy 752 is designed to outperform tungsten carbide in countless applications – particularly when impact resistance is a factor. Some examples of suitable applications include:

  • Shaker screens
  • Grade blades and other ground engaging tools
  • Chute blocks
  • Pipe I.D.
  • Wear Plate
  • Mill liners
  • Slurry pipe
  • Shovel wear packages
  • Other mining applications
  • MANY other applications

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Contact us to learn more about this incredible alloy.

Vecalloy Chrome Free Wire

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Hexavalent Chromium [Cr(VI)] is one of the valence states (+6) of the element chromium. According to The Occupational Safety and Health Organization  it is usually produced by an industrial process and is known to cause cancer. “It is estimated that 558,000 workers are potentially exposed to Cr(VI) in the United States. Workplace exposures occur mainly in the following areas:

  • Welding and other types of “hot work” on stainless steel and other metals that contain chromium
  • Use of pigment, spray paints and coatings
  • Operating Chrome Plating Baths

Polymet is excited to announce the newest wire product to our Vecalloy product line. Vecalloy Chrome Free.

Vecalloy Chrome Free produces a hard wear resistant coating and is safe and environmentally friendly. Eliminate the dangers and pollutants of welding and thermal spraying Chrome with Chrome Free wire!

This material is a well suited replacement for Cr-bearing hardfacing products in a variety of applications. It is suitable for use in any application where hardfacing products are employed – including nanocrystalline and amorphous coatings.

For any questions regarding this wire or any Polymet products please contact us by email at ; call 844-411-4694 or visit



Why You Should Be Using Metal Cored Wires

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Making the change to metal cored wire can be extremely advantageous. There are a number of factors that contribute to the success of metal cored wires, including:

  • High deposition efficiency
  • High deposition rates
  • Increased duty cycles

Why use cored wireThe deposition efficiency of a consumable is the amount of material that converts to weld metal. During the welding process, a portion of the consumable is lost to slag, spatter, and fumes. The lower this percentage of lost consumable is, the higher the deposition efficiency will be. Depending on the transfer used, metal cored wire can exhibit a deposition efficiency range of 92-98%. This high efficiency is due to a decreased volume of slag and spatter that require removal from the weld and parent material. Reduced fume levels are also reflected in the deposition and create a healthier work environment for the welder.

Higher deposition rates are also seen in the implementation of metal cored wire. The deposition rate is the amount of weld metal deposited during a given time. The deposition rate of metal cored wire is about 57% higher per hour than solid MIG wire. This ultimately results in higher achievable welding speeds.

Travel speeds rely on duty cycles. During the welding process, a duty cycle refers to the amount of continuous arc time. Factors such as travel time, equipment, slag removal, and replenishing consumables affect the duty cycle. Shielded metal arc welding using stick electrodes can only produce about 12 minutes of welding every hour, whereas metal cored wire yields a duty cycle of about 30 minutes an hour. While solid MIG and flux cored wire can achieve these high duty cycles as well, only metal cored wire can take the process to a whole new level with faster travel speeds. Metal cored wire can account for increased travel speeds of 35-40%. Fabricators can practice automatic application with  high duty cycles and travel speeds without jeopardizing weld integrity and appearance.

Polymet wires are ideal for demanding applications such as metal to metal, metal to earth, high impact, high abrasion, corrosion, and high temperature, or combinations of these wear factors.

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Polymet’s POLYSTEL product line consists of Stellite equivalent composition materials. We manufacture alloy products equivalent to Stellite 1Stellite 6Stellite 12, Stellite 21,Stellite 190.


cobalt hardfacing rod, stellite rod, stellite 6 rodOur cobalt-based hardfacing rod is available both bare and coated. These Stellite equivalent alloys are used in the most demanding industrial applications in the world. They can be purchased in diameters such as .125, .156, and .197 inches with standard 1 meter lengths.


Cored MIG Wire

stellite mig wire, stellite cored wirePOLYSTEL is also available in cored MIG wire form. Using our cored wire mill and powder feeding process, we manufacture Stellite equivalent alloys suitable for MIG welding operations. These products yield high quality deposits with minimum dilution.


Solid Wire

small diameter stellite, stellite wireOur small diameter, solid wire POLYSTEL products are manufactured utilizing our proprietary hot extrusion process. Diameters range from .012 to .093 inches. Because of our hot extrusion process, we are able to spool these small diameter, brittle alloys, suitable for automatic TIG welding operations. We can also straighten and cut these alloys to predetermined lengths for manual welding.

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Though not exhibiting this year, Polymet is very excited to be ramping up for the Valve World Americas Expo in Houston next week. “We are very excited to be able to meet with some of our existing customers and meet potential new customers” – Bob Unger, Polymet Sales Manager.

Polymet specializes in manufacturing nickel and cobalt based alloys in solid form. Their Stellite equivalent POLYSTEL brand has been used in the valve market for years and it is a focus area for the Polymet sales team this year. Polymet’s manufacturing capabilities and industry knowledge ensure that their wire is the highest quality.

thermal spray1Be sure to check out our Vecalloy B thermal spray wire. Vecalloy B is the hardest, most abrasion and corrosion resistant coating available on the market today.

Vecalloy B has been specifically designed to perform in aggressive environments possessing abrasive wear and erosive wear at ambient and high temperatures.

It is the cleanest, most applicator friendly twin wire arc spray material available on the market today. What does this mean? Consistent high performance, high quality coatings.

Check out this ultra informative infographic from The Welding School explaining the different welding carinfographic welding schooleer paths available!


Your Source for Specialty Wire

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extrusion hotLet Polymet handle your wire processing needs. Our unique in house capabilities paired with our industry leading research and development team make Polymet the best choice for your unique projects and specialty wire. In addition to manufacturing, Polymet offers, straightening, cutting, spooling, coiling, cleaning, tagging, and proprietary abrading services. These services can be provided independently of each other and in any way that best fits your needs.

Polymet was built on the foundations of quality and customer satisfaction. Our business model ensures that we are prepared to service your needs – big or small. Every day we work closely with customers to meet challenging demands and produce premium, high quality products. Let Polymet help you find the right solution.

Hiring! Polymet is accepting applications!

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Cincy Magazine’s best place to work is hiring!


We are currently hiring for three open positions on our shop floor! This is your chance to work at one of Cincy Magazine’s Top Places to Work! The positions are Order Processor, Alloy Cored Wire Mill Operator, and Layer Wound Spool Operator. Please Visit our careers page for a detailed job description and instructions on how to apply.